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Bao Luo Jiu Lou (Paul's). [Neighborhood Unavailable].

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Reviews of Bao Luo Jiu Lou (Paul's)

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Have a hearty meal in a historic venue. »

5.0 Stars

So this place is not exactly underground. Fame notwithstanding, the prices are a steal compared to what this quality of food would cost in Japan, Europe or the United States. The entrance is deceptively dingy, just wait until you discover the huge dining room downstairs complete with marble pillars and art deco chandeliers. The chunks of crispy duck on lotus-shaped buns were unbelievably delicious and the sheng jian bao were also awesome. Even with beers, this extravagant meal was incredibly cheap.

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5.0 Stars
271号 Fumin Rd, 静安区, Shanghai, China


This might be one of the best meals you eat in all of China.

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