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Amoeba Music. Hollywood.

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I almost threw up there once. »

5.0 Stars

One time I almost threw up while in Amoeba. I had to run outside. But I didn't throw up.
Oh yeah- and Amoeba has ANYthing you're looking for as far as music & DVDs. New and used. You should go. But not if you have to throw up.

On Fri Feb 6, 2009 | Permalink

indie, but not »

4.0 Stars

amoeba is key. you will rarely come across such an extensive lp/cd/dvd shop that isn't a big chain (although there are 3 or four of these in cali). tons of used cd's. but beware, everytime i go here to pick up one album, i walk out with at least 4. but they're all hot shit. this is really the only place a buy actual cd's in la. it's certainly an experience too. comperable to the one in san francisco.

On Tue Dec 30, 2008 | Permalink

My house of worship »

5.0 Stars

For about a 4 year period, I spent a good chunk of my life at Amoeba Hollywood - I admit sometimes to people watch at cute band boys. But I have picked up everything from rare imports to DVD collectibles to records. New or used, forgo convenience shopping on Amazon.com to get your hands on real music and support an independent retailer. Many bands also come through here big and small - from Aqualung to Sir Paul McCartney.

On Tue Dec 2, 2008 | Permalink

HUGE independent record shop. Don't miss »

5.0 Stars

This is the largest of 3 Amoebas. The other two are in the Bay Area, but this one is uniquely Hollywood. Freakin huge store. Used & New. Every genre you can think of, plus big DVD selection.

AND FREE live in-store shows of well-known bands, we're talking like acts that sell out major venues - for free.

Amoeba is the shit

On Mon Dec 1, 2008 | Permalink

4.75 Stars
6400 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028, USA


Music lover's mecca.

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