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Prague. Hlavní Mesto Praha.

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Thumb for Chapeau Rouge
Music & Entertainment / Nightlife

Chapeau Rouge

4.5 Stars
( 4 Reviews ) Tags: alcohol, bar, beer, club, dancing, djs, drugs, music

CRAZY underground club/bar/dance hall/drug den in the heart of Old Town. ...view spot

Thumb for Vagon
Food & Drink / Music & Entertainment


5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: cheap drinks, club, music, pub, rock

bar/club with rock music ...view spot

Food & Drink

Cafe Piranha

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: beer, cafe, dinner, lounge, lunch, tea, wifi, wine

Nice loungy atmosphere away from the tourist center. ...view spot

Art / Food & Drink

Nostress Cafe Restaurant

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: art, dinner, fancy, gallery, lunch

Excellent food, art gallery and atmosphere. ...view spot

Shops & Markets

Havelský Trh Market

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: crafts, market, souvenirs

Little market worth browsing. ...view spot

Beauty & Health / Shops & Markets


5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: bath and body, cosmetics, herbs, homewares, lotion, natural, perfume

Beauty and homegoods store specializing in natural ingrediants. ...view spot

Art / Music & Entertainment

Ponec Theater

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: art, dance, music, theater

Fantastic arts center, specializing in dance. ...view spot

Thumb for National Monument

National Monument

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: monument, mountain, statue

Largest bronze equestrian statue in the world. ...view spot

Thumb for Rent A Boat
Attractions / Music & Entertainment / Nature & Outdoors

Rent A Boat

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: boats, paddle boats, row boats, swans

No real company established, just good old fashioned fun. ...view spot

Food & Drink / Local Culture / Nature & Outdoors

Střelecký Island

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: island, nature, park, restaurant, swans

Awesome little island that can only be gotten to by bridge. ...view spot

Local Culture / Nature & Outdoors

Kampa Island

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: grass, island, museum, nature, park

You won't even know you're on an island, it's THAT cool. ...view spot


Museum Kampa

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: art, garden, modern, outdoors, sculpture

Excellent petite museum filled with Modern Czech art. ...view spot

Thumb for Meet Factory
Art / Local Culture / Music & Entertainment / Nightlife

Meet Factory

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: alternative, art, music, studios

Burgeoning alternative art spot not to be missed. ...view spot

Thumb for Axa Arena
Local Culture / Sports

Axa Arena

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: football, sports

Home of Prague's Sparta football team. ...view spot

Art / Attractions / Education

Museum Of Decorative Arts

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: art, design, fashion, furniture, museum, music

Cool, innovative museum catering to Czech and international fashion, music, photography, ceramics, and all other ... ...view spot

Thumb for St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: architecture, church, free, historical

The church at the top of Prague Castle, often mistaken for the castle itself. ...view spot

Thumb for The National Gallery

The National Gallery

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: art, contemporary, historic, impressionist, modern, museum

Expansive collection of art focusing on Czech artists but inclusive of other famous artists as ... ...view spot

Thumb for John Lennon Wall
Art / Attractions

John Lennon Wall

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: art, beatles, graffiti, music

Huge wall of tasteful graffiti, Beatles themed and not. ...view spot

Thumb for Petřín Hill
Nature & Outdoors

Petřín Hill

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: hill, nature, outdoors, park, views

Prague's most well known and largest park, with good views of the city. ...view spot

Thumb for Futurum Music Bar
Food & Drink / Gay Friendly / Music & Entertainment / Nightlife

Futurum Music Bar

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: 80s, 90s, beer, club, dancing, local, music, techno

Best club to party at if you want to be surrounded by the local culture. ...view spot

Thumb for Popo Cafe Petl Music Club
Local Culture / Music & Entertainment / Nightlife

Popo Cafe Petl Music Club

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: bar, cocktails, dancing, music

Hip and wild underground Czech music club, you'll never know what you'll find there! ...view spot

Thumb for Fraktal Restaurace Bar
Food & Drink

Fraktal Restaurace Bar

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: brunch, cool, drinks, food, robots, vegetarian

Authentically delicious, even if it's not authentically Czech ...view spot

Thumb for Krásný Ztráty
Art / Education / Food & Drink / Local Culture / Music & Entertainment

Krásný Ztráty

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: art, breakfast, cafe, coffee, food, lunch, movies, music, students, tea

A cool, quiet cafe with many purposes. ...view spot

Thumb for Medúza
Art / Food & Drink


5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: antiques, art, beer, cafe, coffee, food, french, snacks, tea

Inexpensive cafe fare, light meals and indie art gallery ...view spot

Thumb for Radost Fx
Food & Drink / Music & Entertainment / Nightlife / Shops & Markets

Radost Fx

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: cafe, cds, club, dvds, food, music, vegetarian

Designer vegeterian expat eatery, discotech and MORE. ...view spot

Nature & Outdoors

Riegrovy sady

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: green, hills, park, play ground

Cute little park nestled away from the crowds ...view spot

Thumb for Cukrárna Alchymista
Food & Drink

Cukrárna Alchymista

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: cafe, cake, chill, coffee, tea

BEST.CAKES.EVER. ...view spot

Food & Drink

U Vejvodu

4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: pubs and bars

Atmospheric beer hall now part of Pilsner Urquell's chain of pubs. cheapish beer & pub ... ...view spot

Food & Drink / Music & Entertainment

Kenny's Island Music Club

4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: beer, club, music, pub, reggae, weed

And you thought Amsterdam was the only city with legal pot. ...view spot

Thumb for Žižkov Tv Tower
Art / Attractions

Žižkov Tv Tower

4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: art, industrial, satilite, tower, tv

Largest eye-soar in Prague. ...view spot

Thumb for Prague Castle

Prague Castle

4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: castle, historical, museum, politics

Prague's #1 landmark and tourist attraction. ...view spot

Thumb for Václavské Náměstí (Wenceslas Square)
Attractions / Food & Drink / Music & Entertainment / Shops & Markets

Václavské Náměstí (Wenceslas Square)

4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: clubs, museums, shopping

Shopping, drugs and scumbags - these are a few of my favorite things! ...view spot

Food & Drink

Kaaba Café

3.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: booze, cafe, coffee, retro, snacks

Not your Grandmother's cafe ...view spot

Thumb for Charles Bridge
Attractions / Nature & Outdoors

Charles Bridge

2.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: bridge, crowds, historic, old, statues, tourists

Oldest bridge in Prague. ...view spot

Food & Drink

Bohemia Bagel

2.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: bagels, burgers, coffee, dessert, internet, sandwiches, tea

Only bagel place in Prague, chock full of Americans. ...view spot

Thumb for Staroměstské Náměstí (Old Town Square)

Staroměstské Náměstí (Old Town Square)

2.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: architecture, crowds, square

The main square in Prague ...view spot

Top Neighborhoods in Prague

Add a Neighborhood
Thumb for Old Town

Old Town

2.0 Stars
Tags: architecture, history, museums, old

The oldest part of the capital city of Prague, you will find buildings and streets ...

...view spot

Malá Strana

2.0 Stars
Tags: arts, crowds, politics

Opposite of Old Town, just as many tourists due to its proximity to Charles Bridge. ...

...view spot


5.0 Stars
Tags: cafes, couture, parks

Once the former wine-bearing areana for the royal family of Prague, this area is a ...

...view spot

Prague 7

4.0 Stars
Tags: art nouveau, locals, theater

The working-class district of Prague, full of art nouveau architecture and family owned businesses, funky ...

...view spot

Thumb for New Town

New Town

4.0 Stars
Tags: cafes, hip, new, shopping

To the south and east of Prague lies Nové Město, considered to be the "newer" ...

...view spot


5.0 Stars
Tags: art, bars, clubs, culture, locals, mall, movies, shopping, theater

Cool up-and-coming area full of bars, night clubs, inexpensive shopping, theaters...too far southwest for all ...

...view spot


5.0 Stars
Tags: art, cheap, industrial, music, pubs, restaurants, rough, shopping, theater

Once the rough-and-tumble area of Prague, Žižkov is becoming the fastest growing neighborhood. Young people ...

...view spot


3.0 Stars
Tags: administrative, business, castle, political, upscale

The mainstay for Prague Castle and its community within a community, it is seated at ...

...view spot


4.0 Stars
Tags: architecture, fine dining, historic, jewish, shops, significant

The section of town where a large, Jewish population lived throughout history. During the Nazi ...

...view spot

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Czechs drink more beer per capita than any other country in the world. But that shouldn’t be the only reason you visit the cobbled streets of Prague. Beyond the all-night parties and beer-swilling lies a city filled to the brim with unique places and experiences not to be missed.

Prague's history is a tumultuous one, full of corrupt governments, student protests and artistic revolutions. Much of this history is evident in its surroundings - you’ll never want for music, art, theater or other cultural activities.

The trick to discovering Prague’s awesomeness is to stick to its outer limits, i.e. avoid the tourist centers, easily identifiable by the swarms of elderly people staring aimlessly at architecture. English is hard to be found, but don’t let this deter you - Czechs are delightful and make for great drinking buddies. You’ll return with enough stories to open up a pub of your own.

Prague on Wikipedia

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