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Kyōto. Kyōto.

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Thumb for Kinkaku-Ji
Art / Attractions / Local Culture / Nature & Outdoors


5.0 Stars
( 2 Reviews ) Tags: golden pavilion, kinkaku-ji, kinkakuji, kyoto, temple

A tranquil compound encompassing gorgeous gardens and a golden pavilion. ...view spot

Thumb for Nijo-Jo Castle
Art / Attractions / Local Culture / Nature & Outdoors

Nijo-Jo Castle

4.5 Stars
( 2 Reviews ) Tags: gardens, nijo - jo castle, samurai, tokugawa ieyasu

Gorgeous gardens and a beautifully painted palace interior lie hidden behind a moat and high, ... ...view spot

Thumb for Utano Youth Hostel
Hotels & Accomodations

Utano Youth Hostel

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: budget accomodations, fun, kyoto, utano yh, youth hostel

fairly new youth hostel, extremely friendly staff, fun environment, clean ...view spot

Thumb for Kaiten Sushi
Food & Drink

Kaiten Sushi

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: 100 yen, kinkakuji area, sushi

Sushi served on a winding belt. Each plate of sushi costs 100 yen, more if ... ...view spot

Thumb for Kiyomizu-Dera
Attractions / Local Culture / Nature & Outdoors


4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: gardens, kiyomizu, kiyomizu-dera, kyoto, pagoda, terrace

This temple features one of Kyoto's most iconic pagodas and its large wooden terrace overlooks ... ...view spot

Thumb for Murin An Garden
Art / Attractions / Local Culture

Murin An Garden

4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: borrowed scenery, garden, japan, kyoto, murin an

A hidden garden designed in the style of a Japanese landscaping tradition often referred to ... ...view spot

Thumb for Kyoto International Manga Museum
Local Culture

Kyoto International Manga Museum

3.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: anime, history of anime, library, museum, technology

small manga museum with a humongous manga library collection! ...view spot

Thumb for Efish
Food & Drink


3.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: cafe, coffee, dinner, efish, kamo river, kyoto, lunch, restaurant

A cool cafe overlooking the Kamo River. ...view spot

Thumb for Tagoto
Food & Drink


3.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: kyoto, lunch, mini kaiseki, restaurant, special, tagoto

A fancy restaurant offering an affordable mini-kaiseki lunch. ...view spot

Thumb for Asuka
Food & Drink


3.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: asuka, japanese, kyoto, set meals, teishoku

Delicious and inexpensive teishoku, or sets of traditional Japanese cuisine. ...view spot

Thumb for Iwatayama Monkey Park
Attractions / Nature & Outdoors

Iwatayama Monkey Park

2.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: animals, kyoto, monkey park, outdoors

170 wild Japanese macaque monkeys live here. They are kinda scary. But interesting to observe. ... ...view spot

Thumb for Ryokan Hiraiwa
Hotels & Accomodations / Local Culture

Ryokan Hiraiwa

2.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: hiraiwa, japanese inn, kyoto, kyoto station, ryokan, tatami

A clean, comfortable Japanese inn for those who simply want a good night's sleep. ...view spot

Thumb for Nishiki-Koji
Food & Drink / Local Culture


2.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: food, kyoto, market, nishiki, outdoor, street market, tsukemono, vendors

A narrow, crowded street market selling every possible variety of tsukemono on the planet. ...view spot

Top Neighborhoods in Kyōto

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0.0 Stars
Tags: imperial palace, kyoto gyoen national garden, nijo castle, nijo-jo, sento gosho

This centrally located neighborhood is best known for the historic Nijo-jo Castle, Kyoto Gyoen National ...

...view spot

Kinkakuji Area

0.0 Stars

Many temples like kinkakuji and ryoanji and ninnaji temples. Ritsumeikan and bukkyo universities are around ...

...view spot

Thumb for Arashiyama


0.0 Stars
Tags: arashiyama, kyoto

The western outskirts of Tokyo.

...view spot


0.0 Stars
Tags: heian, heian jingu, higashiyama, kiyomizu-dera

The name Higashiyama refers to the mountain range that borders the city of Kyoto to ...

...view spot


0.0 Stars
Tags: heian shrine, japan, kyoto, nanzen-ji, sakyo, torii

This area is best known for Nanzen-ji and the Heian Shrine, the site where you ...

...view spot


0.0 Stars
Tags: kamo river, kyoto, kyoto station, shimogyo, shimogyo-ku

This ward encompasses the area from Kyoto Station east to the Kamo River.

...view spot

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