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Andersonville is...how do I put this?...very...gay. Which is great! In my opinion, any neighborhood where there are gay couples happily walking around holding hands must be a pretty friendly and welcoming place to be. The area itself is very cute. The Clark Street "downtown" area is a pretty happenin' area with lots of great ethnic restaurants, a bunch of very cool (and very expensive) home decorating stores, and some thrift shops. There are even a couple of bars thrown in for good measure. And there are barely any big chain stores/restaurants here, either, which is great. The residential area is lovely, with gorgeous, tree-lined streets and houses that range from greystones to Victorians. Overall, Andersonville isn't a huge party spot, but it's a nice, laid-back, settle-down-here-with-your-dog-and-gay/straight-partner kinda place.

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