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Amsterdam. North Holland.

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Top Spots in Amsterdam

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Thumb for Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House

4.0 Stars
( 4 Reviews ) Tags: anne frank, history, museum

One of the most moving, tastefully done memorial sites you will ever see. ...view spot

Thumb for Maoz
Food & Drink


3.33333333333 Stars
( 3 Reviews ) Tags: budget food, buffet fixings, late-night, made in amsterdam, vegan friendly, veggie friendly

Amsterdam-founded falafel chain. ...view spot

Thumb for Puccini Bombini
Food & Drink

Puccini Bombini

5.0 Stars
( 2 Reviews ) Tags: no really the best chocolate ever, the best chocolate ever

Heaven-on-earth chocolates. ...view spot

Thumb for Grey Area
Local Culture

Grey Area

5.0 Stars
( 2 Reviews ) Tags: coffeeshop, ex-pats, willie nelson

Huge selection of strains in a very small space. ...view spot

Thumb for Gollum
Food & Drink / Local Culture


5.0 Stars
( 2 Reviews ) Tags: beer, candles, hobbit-esque

Most extensive beer-serving establishment in Amsterdam. ...view spot

Thumb for Vondelpark
Nature & Outdoors / Sports


3.5 Stars
( 2 Reviews ) Tags: bicycle trails, filmmuseum, grassy knolls, green spaces, public sex, snack stands, swans

The greenest of Amsterdam's outdoor spaces. ...view spot

Thumb for Febo
Food & Drink


3.0 Stars
( 2 Reviews ) Tags: burgers, fast, food, fries, vending machine

Vending machine food of the FUTURE. ...view spot

Attractions / Gay Friendly / Nightlife

Casa Rossa

2.5 Stars
( 2 Reviews ) Tags: drinks, exhibitionist, sex, show

One of Amsterdam's most famous sex shows. ...view spot

Thumb for Van Gogh Museum
Art / Attractions

Van Gogh Museum

2.5 Stars
( 2 Reviews ) Tags: art, museum

Where all his stuff is...sort of. ...view spot

Thumb for Borneo Sporenburg Houses

Borneo Sporenburg Houses

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: contemporary architecture, mvrdv, west 8

Planned community with contemporary architecture ...view spot

Thumb for Amsterdam Architecture Center

Amsterdam Architecture Center

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: architecture, design, exhibit

Exhibit highlighting Dutch architecture ...view spot

Food & Drink

Bagels & Beans

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: bagels, breakfast, coffee, lunch

American-style bagels and coffe shop ...view spot

Thumb for Café De Buurman
Food & Drink / Music & Entertainment / Nightlife

Café De Buurman

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: beer, excellent people watching, hotties, live music, nice bar, wooden tables

Cozy cafe with live music and strong drinks. ...view spot

Local Culture / Shops & Markets / Transportation & Rentals

Recycled Bikes

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: bicycles, bike gear, diy, independent, recycled, rentals, repairs

Buy a non-stolen bike for 60-80 euros. ...view spot

Food & Drink


5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: appetizers, freebies, hot bartender, legit italian, raw meat

Italian food by Italians. ...view spot

Thumb for Melkweg
Art / Food & Drink / Gay Friendly / Music & Entertainment / Nightlife


5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: artists, artsy, djs, dutch hipster culture, international acts, late-night, live music, super cool, theatre

Live music, theatre, a restaurant, and more. ...view spot

Thumb for Saturday Market
Food & Drink / Local Culture / Shops & Markets

Saturday Market

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: bread, candy, cheese, fair food, flowers, fresh jam, gifts, honey, mushrooms, organic, produce, veggie-friendly

Great weekly outdoor market of organic products. ...view spot

Art / Food & Drink / Nightlife


5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: classic films, dutch cinema, english-language friendly, exhibitions, huge film library, library, new films, open-air screenings, outdoor cafe

Restored and new films, exhibits, and a cafe. ...view spot

Thumb for Houseboat Museum (Woonbootmuseum)
Attractions / Local Culture

Houseboat Museum (Woonbootmuseum)

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: amsterdam culture, canals, houseboats, museum

Museum about houseboats located inside a houseboat! ...view spot

Thumb for Dam Square Fair/Carnival
Attractions / Local Culture

Dam Square Fair/Carnival

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: carnival fun, fair foods, fair rides, plates of meat, skee-ball

A quarterly madhouse of fun in the middle of Dam Square. ...view spot

Thumb for Foam Fotografiemuseum
Art / Attractions

Foam Fotografiemuseum

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: museumnacht, photography

Amsterdam's photography museum. ...view spot

Thumb for The Stedelijk Museum
Art / Local Culture

The Stedelijk Museum

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: cornucopia of temporary exhibitions, modern art, photography

Modern and contemporary art collection. ...view spot

Thumb for Hein
Food & Drink


5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: breakfast all day, lunch, tiny restaurants

Home cooking for lunch only. ...view spot

Thumb for Coffeeshop Ben
Food & Drink / Local Culture / Nightlife

Coffeeshop Ben

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: bud, chill, coffeeshop, juice bar, weed

Chill-ass spot with cheap-ass bud ...view spot

Thumb for La Tertulia
Food & Drink / Local Culture

La Tertulia

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: coffeeshop

A cozy mother-daughter run coffeeshop in Amsterdam. ...view spot

Thumb for The Sex Museum
Art / Attractions / Education / Gay Friendly

The Sex Museum

5.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: erotica, museum, sex

It's a museum of sex! What more can I say? ...view spot

Thumb for Raïnaraï
Food & Drink


4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: 4 tables, algerian, mint, moroccan, on a canal, outdoor seating, pillows

algerian food with outdoor seating. ...view spot

Music & Entertainment / Nature & Outdoors


4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: actual records, cheap, dutch, funk, soul, struttin'

Club with a great soul night that's popular with locals. ...view spot


Huis Marsielle

4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: 18th century fountains, high caliber artists, minimal decor, non-pretentious museum, well curated exhibits

Great photography museum in fancy old house. ...view spot

Thumb for De Appel

De Appel

4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: contemporary art, cultured, museum night, performance, publisher, readings

Contemporary arts space. ...view spot

Food & Drink

Green Planet

4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: daily specials, great soup, organic beer, organic wine, resident cat, vegan friendly

Like eating a nice dinner in your mom's kitchen. ...view spot

Food & Drink


4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: fixed price menu, former hat store, mexican, organic, thai, vegan friendly, vegetarian, warm colors decor, wine

Delicious vegetarian food with an international empthasis. ...view spot

Thumb for Cafe De Jaren
Food & Drink / Gay Friendly / Local Culture

Cafe De Jaren

4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: alcohol, magazines, multi-level, outdoor seating, student-friendly, study tables, views of the amstel

Grandest of the grand-cafes. ...view spot

Thumb for Pancakes!
Food & Drink


4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: american breakfast, fresh-squeezed orange juice, savory pancake, sweet pancake

Great place to try Dutch pancakes. ...view spot

Shops & Markets

Lady Day

4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: accessories, chic, formalwear, retro, vintage, winter coats

Men and women's secondhand/vintage. ...view spot

Food & Drink / Local Culture

Vleminckx Sausmeesters

4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: local approved, mayo, short hours, vlaamse frites

Belgian-style french fries. ...view spot

Thumb for Flynt B&B
Hotels & Accomodations

Flynt B&B

4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: breakfast, cats, dogs, huge rooms, private bathrooms

Spacious pet-friendly B&B. ...view spot

Thumb for Saarein
Food & Drink / Gay Friendly / Local Culture


4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: boiled eggs, brown bar, glbtetc, pool

Traditional Dutch "brown bar" with queer crowd. ...view spot

Thumb for International Budget Hostel
Hotels & Accomodations

International Budget Hostel

4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: ambiance, centrally located, lack of vomiting brits

Inexpensive centrally located backpacker's hostel. ...view spot

Thumb for Nemo Science Museum
Attractions / Education

Nemo Science Museum

4.0 Stars
( 1 Review ) Tags: architecture, hands-on, museums

Fun museum in a crazy building. ...view spot

Top Neighborhoods in Amsterdam

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Thumb for Jordaan


4.0 Stars
Tags: amsterdam, artist neighborhoods, houseboats

Even though Amsterdam's canals and layout makes it feel like the whole city proper is ...

...view spot

Thumb for The Old Centre

The Old Centre

0.0 Stars
Tags: amsterdam, netherlands, old centre

Where Dam Square meets the Red Light District

...view spot

Thumb for Red Light District

Red Light District

3.33333333333 Stars
Tags: alcohol, canals, highly policed, illegal drugs, legal drugs, pornographies, prostitutes, safe, swans, touristy, xxx

What Amsterdam's famous--or infamous--for. As picturesque as other canal-side strolls, except with windows full of ...

...view spot

Thumb for Dam Square

Dam Square

4.0 Stars
Tags: carnivals, centraal station, national monument, royal palace, sinterklaas

The very center of the centrum, Dam Square is where you'll find the phallic monument, ...

...view spot

Thumb for Oud-Zuid


5.0 Stars
Tags: chill, markets, museums, parks

Further south from the busy tourist center, Oud-Zuid offers large parks and cultural museums as ...

...view spot

Thumb for The 9 Streets

The 9 Streets

4.0 Stars
Tags: antiques, cheese stores, independent shops, lady day vintage, leather stores, record stores

In between the Joordan and the Old Centre are three streets which cross over three ...

...view spot

Thumb for Nieuwmarktbuurt


4.0 Stars
Tags: albert hein, benches, cafe bern, coffeeshops, da waag, weekend market

Neighborhood centering on the Nieuwmarkt square, home of many cafes, coffeeshops, vendors, and a weekend ...

...view spot

Thumb for Eastern Docklands

Eastern Docklands

0.0 Stars
Tags: borneo sporenburg, contemporary architecture, design, mvrdv, urban design, west 8

The Eastern Docklands is a developing neighborhood in Amsterdam. Recent renovations to historical buildings and ...

...view spot

Thumb for Noord


3.0 Stars
Tags: amsterdam

Amsterdam Noord is just behind Central Station across the Ij channel. For cyclists and walkers, ...

...view spot

Thumb for The Spui

The Spui

0.0 Stars
Tags: american bookstore, art market, book market, bookstores, cafe dante, cafe luxembourg, coffeeshops, gollem, instrument stores

Technically more of a square than a neighborhood, the Spui is the epicenter of all ...

...view spot

Thumb for Rembrandtplein


4.0 Stars
Tags: after-hours parties, amstel, documentary film festival, gay-friendly, outdoor seating, rembrandt's night watch

Open square next to the Amstel with great views, a few cinemas, and a bunch ...

...view spot

Thumb for Oud West

Oud West

0.0 Stars
Tags: b&bs, kinkerstraaat, shopping street, squats

South of the Museumplein, this is a great spot to find spacious housing, decent dining, ...

...view spot

Western Canal Belt

0.0 Stars
Tags: prinsengracht

Alright, you know the drill with the Southern Canal Belt, except this one is to ...

...view spot

Thumb for Southern Canal Belt

Southern Canal Belt

0.0 Stars
Tags: herengracht, keizersgracht, prinsengracht

north of the leidesplein and south of the spui.

...view spot

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Prostitutes! Legal drugs! These are some of the things that Amsterdam is unfairly known for. Sensationalizing what's legal here that isn't in other places is missing the point of Dutch attitude and tolerance, which is what makes it such a charming city in the first place. Where else on Earth are the hookers unionized and given health insurance and the drugs sold with helpful fact sheets detailing the effects?

Such is Amsterdam, where one year a leading gourmet restaurant can be located inside a squat, and where you're more likely to hear an indignant ringing of a bicycle bell than perpetually blaring car horns. There's pretty much every imaginable form of ethnic food, the nightlife and parties are legendary, and a combination of non-smelly canals and a serious lack of skyscrapers in the city proper makes it probably the most picturesque capital city on the continent.

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