A budget travel community your mom probably wouldn't find useful.

Team and Credits

Ron Whitman, Founder and Benevolent Dictator

Ron's built a crapload of websites in his 10 years as a contract web developer. He's done work for at least 6 web startups and frankly has lost track of how many websites he's worked on.

Ron founded Zenji Web Development LLC in 2006, created the hotly blogged-about Twitter mashup Commuter Feed, wrote the specs for an opensource microblog protocol and was a major early contributor to Shopflick.com. His work has been featured on Wired, Lifehacker, ReadWriteWeb, Cnet, and too many other blogs to list. He's also (stupidly) turned down repeated sweet job offers from many big-name companies, simply because he can't stand working for the man.

Ron created Where's Cool? because he wanted something to work on that he freakin' loves. And there's nothing Ron loves more than super low-budget travel, routinely finding himself waking up hungover, camera in hand in alleyways around the world.

For some reason, he lives in Los Angeles.

Whitney Weiss, Supervising Content Manager

Nomadic stylings have taken Whitney all over the world. She's lived on three continents so far and has DJed for fierce drag queens in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Buenos Aires is her current home, but before that, she was quite happy in Amsterdam. A writer and photographer, she loves traveling independently. Whitney is thrilled to be a part of Where's Cool?.

We Love Our Writers

We've got a bunch of excellent volunteer and intern writers who have helped seed Where's Cool? with the kick-ass spots and reviews you see all over the place. Seriously they are the life-blood of this site and WC would not be remotely possible without their hundreds of clever, creative contributions all over the globe. There are a few too many to list out here, but much love and respect goes to everyone involved.

Also starring these mostly unpaid contributors:

Bill Morse, Business Development

Ben Homnick - Additional programming

Eric Venuto - Illustrations

Jon Hill & Bill Morse - Viral video ads

Thanks and Kudos

Thank you to Charlie, Connie and all the friends and family who have devoted time to helping seed content and give early feedback and support.

Huge debt of gratitude to the developers of the Django, Pinax, jQuery, Linux, Postgres, Apache, Nginx and GeoNames.org open source communities, without your hard labor this site would not have been possible to build (without a LOT of money).

Want to get your name on this page?

Where's Cool? is being run by a bunch of unpaid broke, unemployed folks just trying to make something cool work in this crappy economy.

If you want to join in we're looking for writers, photographers, artists, engineers, frontend developers, community managers, business development people and sales people. We may not be able to give you a paycheck but if you want to help out, you'll be first in line when we can hand them out. Give us a shout at wherescool [at] gmail.com.