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Where's Cool? Help.


  • Q. Why can't I add a smaller city / town?
    A. Our database currently only handles cities with a permanent population of 15,000 or more people. Often times this means that college towns and seasonal vacation destinations don't make the list. These smaller cities will get added sometime soon, but since Where's Cool? is about urban travel, we're working on filling up the big cities first. For the moment you can add them as a "neighborhood" of a major city. If you want to suggest a small town or tell us about one you added as a neighborhood, use the Feedback Forum to report it.
  • Q. I got an error message! Why did this happen?
    A. Its not your fault. Its probably just something that needs to be fixed on the site. Please, use the Suggestions form to report it.
  • Q. On the map a marker for a neighborhood is totally wrong! What can I do?
    A. The system used to mark these (Google) isn't perfect. If you spot a bad map marker please use this form to report a map correction. Incorrect Map Location Correction Form
  • Q. I went to upload an image and a little box came up but no form to upload. What do I do?
    A. Sometimes the upload form takes a sec to load. Its in Flash, so if you don't have flash installed that might be a problem.
  • Q. How do I preview / edit a photo?
    A. Right now you can't. You have to delete the photo and upload another. The entire photo upload process will be getting completely re-done soon so hang tight.
  • Q. Where can I add a photo to a city?
    A. You can only add a photo to a Neighborhood or a Spot. Where's Cool? has a special emphasis on neighborhoods and places in a city, rather than generic city content.
  • Q. If I add a Spot do I have to add a photo?
    A. Nope. You can totally add a spot without a photo. Go for it.
  • Q. Why do I have to add the cities and neighborhoods?
    A. Part of Where's Cool? is Quality over Quantity. Its more important to list a neighborhood or city that users (you) want to see or add to than just give everyone 6000 blank cities and neighborhoods.
  • Q. I'm used to seeing XY feature on other sites. Is there going to be XY feaure soon?
    Yes. Many features you are used to on sites like Google and Facebook are planned. Its just kind of hard for one person to build them all at once, so be patient.
  • Q. What are "Karma Points" and how do I get them?
    A. Every time you add a City, Neighborhood, Spot, Review or Photo (or edit a Neighborhood or Spot) you get 2 Karma points. Add more stuff, get more points. In the future your points may earn you special rewards, so stock up.
  • Q. I lost my password and reset it. How do I change my password to something I can remember?
    A. When you go to reset your password, it sends you a random password. To get in and change your password:

    1) Copy the crazy random password it sends you in the email
    2) Go to the login page, type in your username and paste in the password
    3) When you are logged in, at the top click on "My Account"
    4) Go to the Change Password page (its under "Account Settings" -> "Change Password")
    5) Paste in the crazy password in the first box and your preferred password in the other two
    6) Hit save and you're all set.
  • More FAQs to come... If you need some help start a discussion in the Feedback Forum