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About Where's Cool?

Where's Cool? is a community where you post places and neighborhoods that you think are cool — around the world.

It's designed to help fellow "I don't care about the stupid touristy crap" travelers find stuff to do that's cheap, independent, authentic or underground. You know, those places you stumble into on a trip to a new city that turn out awesome.

In the days of tightening belts and hyper nomadic lifestyles, a lot of us don't have much time for the kind of casual, leisurely, planned-out vacations that other travel sites cater to.

When some of us go out of town to other cities, we go without an itinerary or (gasp!) are not even on vacation at all. Some of us aren't ready to shell out for Zagat rated restaurants packed with tourists and ever-hustling wait staff. Some of us want to just find an area of town with authentic neighborhood haunts, hang out with the locals and experience a city that way.

When you're in town for a short amount of time, and you want to hit up the most authentic and underground spots and neighborhoods around a city you've never been to, Where's Cool? is your community guide.

There's no special courtesy here for families, retired folks, or honeymooners. Tourist traps are to be avoided. We don't give a crap about cruises or resorts. Its about cities, neighborhoods and keeping things truly authentic.


I (Ron) designed and built this site almost entirely by myself. For a web developer, this is no small feat as its a freakin' huge amount of work.

Soooo... I really need your help.

Sign up. Make a profile. Add some places - cities, neighborhoods, record shops, restaurants, bars, hotels - anything you can. Add some photos. Tell me what you think. And then do it again. Its super easy.

If you know people that would like the site, forward it to them. Have them do the same.


After all this site is for you. For all of you, to share the places - all the places in the world - that you love with each other. Bars in Tokyo, neighborhoods in Madrid, record shops in Dublin, hostels in Moscow, vendor carts on the Lower East Side, brunch spots in Chicago, bookstores in Paris, and music venues in Buenos Aires.

So lets do this. Lets make this site is about sharing and coming together to tell broke people who are only in town for a night where to find the best shit. Lets make it so that all of us now have a place to answer that common question when arriving in a new town — "where's cool?"



You can learn more about Ron and the Where's Cool? team here.

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Where's Cool? was built 100% on open source software including Django, Python, jQuery and numerous libraries for each. All hosting is using scalable cloud solutions.

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